Restaurant in Chembur

Restaurant in Chembur

Address: Plot No. 139A, Shop No. 001, Soho Court, opp. Bhakti Bhavan, Sindhi Society, Chembur, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400071

About Best Restaurant in Chembur, Mumbai

We are now at Chembur. Combo Jumbo is a leading restaurant chain with its latest outlet in Chembur. CJ is all about celebration over good food. Our restaurant in Chembur resonates with the exact vibes so that all our customers can feel is joy and happiness. With a delicious variety of cuisines on our menu, we serve a delightful experience, too. However, we believe that just serving delicious dishes won’t create magic. To show how the magic of CJ works, the ambiance of our restaurant in Chembur is designed in a way that bestows a sense of being at peace to every customer who visits us! Combo Jumbo has got everything you’ll ever want from your favourite restaurant.

We are a veg restaurant in Chembur with a menu worth exploring. From this, 70% of the food items are also available for Jains. Combo Jumbo; just like our interesting name, its meaning makes us more lovable. Combo Jumbo stands for Combo Meal on a Jumbo Deal.

There may be many good restaurants in Chembur, but no one matches our level. We offer:

  • Food quality
  • Soothing ambiance
  • Hygiene standards
  • Customer service
  • Delightful experience

to the customers of our restaurant in Chembur is unique in its own way and can’t be replicated. Not just that, our pleased customers make us even stronger. With so much under our sleeve, we are destined to become the best restaurant in Chembur, and we are already on our way to achieving that title.

More about Veg Restaurant in Chembur, Mumbai

Everyone has their own checklist when it comes to considering a restaurant as their “Favourite”. Combo Jumbo just got bigger with its new restaurant in Chembur. This restaurant in Chembur is here to be everyone’s favourite and has already started its magic. So, get ready with a pen to check every box on your list of “Best Restaurants in Chembur.” Combo Jumbo is a leading restaurant chain serving a classy dining experience with its outlets at Vashi, BKC, and now Chembur. Their restaurant in Chembur is off to a great start of serving a delicious variety of cuisines over a delightful experience. This themed restaurant in Chembur is the best in every sense. They are so complete that their customers find it hard to choose another restaurant in Chembur over CJ. The staff at this restaurant in Chembur is friendly, cooperative, and, most importantly, Fun-Loving! They know the language of fun and happiness, making Combo Jumbo the liveliest restaurant in Chembur. A delicious menu worth exploring with a soothing ambiance is an unbeatable combination, making Combo Jumbo the best restaurant in Chembur and all over Mumbai. They have their classic way of performing, and the only thing they believe in is “Food is a Celebration.” So they serve it like one. This restaurant in Chembur is all set to serve a beautiful experience to the people of Chembur with its most pleasing fine-dining style, making them one of the best family restaurants in Chembur. Combo Jumbo is a people’s restaurant in Chembur. The environment at this restaurant in Chembur is Family-friendly, yet the best place for couples for a candlelight dinner. Make the most out of every moment with Combo Jumbo, now in Chembur! To sum it up, Combo Jumbo is a place where emotions take the steering wheel and start a journey with the customers on board through a beautiful experience. Now serving at Chembur, with Love!


You can try our Hyderabadi Biryani, Chef Special Platter, and Paneer Tikka.

Yes, we are available on Swiggy and Zomato.

Yes, we do provide home delivery.

You can book your table by calling us on

The cost for the meal for two people will range from between 500 to 700.

Now you can have your cake and eat it too!

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