Babies bring a world of joy with them to their families. A lady becomes a mother, and a man who was just busy earning a living for his family is now a father. Parents who looked after their children all their lives are now grandparents, and tier happiness has no limits for that cute little munchkin.

Every single day, your home stays vibrant and feels like a festival. With every single day, the baby grows up and then comes the BIG DAY!

Your kid turns 1. You think of the biggest celebration possible. It’s like you literally try to bring fairies and superheroes to the celebration. But, with so much going on, and your excitement is at a peak, you might need an expert to guide you through planning a perfect Birthday Celebration.

So, by the end of this blog, you’ll know just everything that you need to look after to make your kid’s 1st Birthday Bash a fantastic one!

Birthday parties, to be specific, need to be planned well before the day of your event. Various parameters come into play when you plan a birthday party, and that too for your kid, who will be turning 1 in a few days or weeks.

Your guests will be there with their presents, other children will also look for some fun activities and DELICIOUS FOOD, how can we forget about the most important spark of any occasion?

This may sound like a bit of a hefty task, but this blog is here to provide you with a checklist for a complete and spotless birthday bash prep.

Before exploring some mind-blowing Birthday Party Themes specially designed for children, let’s go through some essentials that will amplify the magic of your occasion even more beautifully & successfully.


It all starts with money. Finalising your budget helps you to proceed ahead in a direction to prepare what all you can do. Plan your budget according to the things you wish to arrange at your celebration. 


An occasion comes to life and blooms like a flower when your loved ones gather to celebrate. The first & foremost thing is to create a guest list. This will help you to make other arrangements accordingly.


Once you’re done with the guest list, look for a venue that can accommodate your desired arrangements and your guests comfortably, without causing any clutter. While deciding on a venue, ensure that the location is easily accessible by road or train for your guests, has a safe parking space, and the staff is professional enough to handle everything smoothly. Apart from this look for some crazy perks that come with the venue like magicians, photographers, hosts, and so on. These perks are something that can add extra sparks to your celebration and make it a memorable one.


You can bring the world full of happiness to your celebration. But, if the food is not on point, the celebration will always lack a flavour, a spark that satisfies your guests to the fullest. The venue you are finalising must have your desired food items on its menu with your preferred dietary options (if any). 

Now, that you know all the points you have to cover while preparing for your kid’s 1st Birthday Party, let’s discuss the themes that are sure to create a vibrant atmosphere at your celebration.


Every kid is a superhero! And, what’s the best way to remind them of this fact, if it’s not creating this theme for their 1st birthday? 

Avengers theme party is loved by people across the world, as it brings the famous Marvel franchise to life. This theme can be created in a decoration. You can order a cake in the design of Thor’s Hammer, or Captain America’s Shield. The Avengers theme enables you to explore different avenues to make this celebration one to talk about for a lifetime.


If it’s your daughter’s 1st Birthday Bash, this theme MUST not be missed! Gift a girl a Barbie Doll and she’ll forget the world around her. That’s how magical this theme can get. Barbie is a one-of-its-kind theme that can create a blissful ambience at your celebration. Another good thing about selecting this theme is your photo album will be graced with completely beautiful and colourful moments.


It’s time to GO BANAAANAAAASSS! The Minions movie franchise is timeless. And, setting its theme for your kid’s 1st Birthday Bash will be all about fun, fun, & yes, BANANAS. The yellow theme with life-size Minion cutouts will just set the right atmosphere for your celebration. You can also bring this theme to life in many ways, out of which, decorating the venue with the Minions colour palette can be the best one.

Bonus tip: Sing the Birthday Song in the world-famous Minions gibberish.

Here’s the lyrics:

Do Re Mi Paa Lu Su
So Le Daa Mi Lo Saa
Ti Laa Di Re Maa Si Ko
Laa ke Do Maa Le Si

Yeah, thank us later!

4.Jungle Safari

A perfect theme for the ROAREST birthday celebration. Let the entire jungle come to your kid’s 1st Birthday Bash. This theme can be brought alive in your decorations, dress code, invitation cards, and everything, ABSOLUTELY everything related to your celebration. Jungle Safari Theme Party can be a fun occasion with some exciting games and activities followed by some surprising return gifts for your guests.

5.Fantasy Land

Become a fairy, become a dragon, become an elf, become anything that you can possibly imagine. Fantasy Land Theme Party for your kid’s 1st Birthday can get as quirky as you can think. Create a whole different realm of fun and creativity at your celebration with this theme. Alongside, you can host a fun drawing competition or a fancy dress competition for fellow kids and laud them for their enthusiasm with some amusing giveaways.

There are countless themes for a birthday party, you just have to go GAGA when you are planning one. Throwing a theme birthday party can make your celebration more fun and memorable.

As we promised earlier, you need not worry about anything for your kid’s 1st birthday party.

Preparation Checklist: Checked

Theme: Checked

But, while you are busy with your daily routine and other preparations, who will ensure that your celebration preps are on point and ready to go live?

For this BIG OCCASION, we are here to celebrate it with you and make it just the way you’ve planned and imagined!

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You want a specific theme for your celebration or just want an elegant decoration? Any special dietary preferences? Or anything you are unsure about? Combo Jumbo covers it all. Get in touch with us to plan a perfect Birthday Celebration for your kid!

Your kid is turning 1!

The celebration must be likewise, and that’s why Combo Jumbo is your place to be, where celebrations come to life with togetherness.

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