Every event or achievement in life, be it an Engagement, Birthday Party, Reception, Ring Ceremony, Sangeet & Mehendi Function, Wedding, or a corporate one, is a celebration that needs to be commemorated in style to the fullest. More importantly, while celebrating, you also need to satiate the needs of your guests as per the occasion being organized, and so it becomes important that you choose the right banquet hall. However, in the post COVID-19 era we live in, it is essential that you have a limited guest list, and therefore select a hall that is right for you. It is, therefore, necessary that you know how to choose the best among the few great Mini Banquet halls available in Navi Mumbai and areas surrounding it. Here is presenting to you 'Five' important tips for selecting the best Mini Banquet Hall. 

a. Set your budget before beginning the Mini Banquet Hall selection process: 

Before you start planning for a personal event such as an engagement party, birthday or a professional event like a corporate presentation or a client lunch, you need to create a budget. After all, it would make no sense to meet space or service vendors without knowing how much you can spend. In addition, setting up your budget before selecting the one that best suits all your needs with regards to organising a corporate event or a birthday party among many banquet halls available will only help keep things in perspective. It, in turn, will help you avoid overspending or spending for the wrong reasons. In other words, you need to make sure that you search for yourself a banquet hall from an exclusively created list of Mini Banquet Halls with an affordable budget.

At Combo Jumbo we know how important these meets or celebrations are so we usually have a pre defined setup and budget for different interests. This is entirely customisable but having a draft or the backbone of your party prepared surely helps.


b. Deciding how you want to celebrate an event in a Mini Banquet Hall: 

Once you calculate the budget, it becomes easier to set goals for your event, be it a birthday, wedding anniversary, or birthday party. These objectives you set must be realistic and also be specific. For example, how many people are you looking to invite? What kind of food are you looking to serve up to your guests? In other words, setting an objective for the event you want to celebrate in one of the best Mini Banquet Halls in Navi Mumbai, such as Combo Jumbo Vashi and Seawoods, will dictate how you spend the budget.

We have an enviable menu option for banquet parties of more than 250 veg and jain delicacies. This wide range of food almost guarantees whatever your tastebuds crave we’ve got it with us.

c. Finding the Mini Banquet Hall with the right capacity: 

These days the COVID-19 pandemic is a reality that we have to live with, and hence while selecting from among the several best Mini Banquet Halls, you need to check for its capacity. It is required to ensure that all the guests on your wish list can be accommodated with comfort. It is, therefore, necessary that you create a specific guest list so that you can manage an event following basic social distancing norms to keep everyone happy while also keeping them healthy and safe. For example, the Combo Jumbo mini Banquet Halls located at Vashi and Seawoods is among several popular banquet halls in Mumbai. It has a minimum seating capacity of 10 to 20 patrons and a maximum of 75 to 80 patrons. And therefore, it is the ideal Mini Banquet Hall for all kinds of celebratory events, especially in the 'Social Distancing' era that we are currently living in. Above all, you must also remember that all function halls can be scaled down to accommodate smaller groups with cautious use of furnishings and decorations.

However if you scale down a hall for hundred plus people for an intimate gathering of 40-50 people you usually find a deeper hole in your pocket and the whole ambiance aloof. Thus at Combo Jumbo we specialise at the mini parties which are designed to be intimate and accommodating to various tastes and preferences.

d. Selecting a Mini Banquet Hall situated at the perfect location: 

The location is another factor that you need to consider while choosing a Mini Banquet Hall to celebrate an event. Now, if you live within the city of Mumbai, then any function hall located on the outskirts would be of no use to you because of travel issues that you and your guests will face. However, if you reside in a place such as Navi Mumbai, then the Combo Jumbo Mini Banquets are strategically located in Vashi and Seawoods due to their proximity and ease of access from anywhere in Navi Mumbai.Thus presenting itself as on of the best option for you to organize an event. Furthermore, the banquet hall location must be accessible by mass transportation via road, Metro (near future), or the public railway and bus system. You would not want all the money you spent organizing the event to go down the drain in simple words. And so, the best solution is to select a Mini Banquet Hall situated near where you live and is also reachable for all your guests. 

e. Hire a Mini Banquet Hall that offers Amenities that you cannot refuse: 

Most Mini Banquet Halls provide you with the basic amenities these days. These mainly include tables and chairs and basic decorations. Moreover, depending on the event that needs to be organized, you should check whether the venue you choose can supply audio/visual equipment, charging stations, and free Wi-Fi. Certain venues such as the Combo Jumbo Mini Banquets Hall located in Vashi and Seawoods offer you on-site catering(for starters and welcome drinks), which can be a real blessing. It is also important to note whether or not the Mini Banquet Hall venue provides you with the opportunity to make a reservation online through web portals such as dineout.co.in, which also provides you with additional information such as reviews food menu, ratings, and photographs. 


If you are still confused about how you choose the perfect Mini Banquet Hall to celebrate any event in your life, you need to visit our website at https://www.combojumbo.in/ to contact us and book one the best banquet halls in Navi Mumbai either at Vashi or Seawoods. At Combo Jumbo we offer you a photographer, a videographer, a music band, a host, decorations, parking, magic show and karaoke with a projector and a sound system. All available on demand.


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Do banquet halls offer catering services? 

Not every Banquet Hall provides you with catering services. However, there are few in and around Mumbai, such as Combo Jumbo located in Vashi and Seawoods, Navi Mumbai, which provides catering services. 

2. Do banquet halls allow the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes? 

Most Banquet halls allow the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. However, they must have the required permit for it. It also must be noted that puffing up a cigarette is restricted to a smoking zone in most banquet halls. Moreover, it would be advisable to ask the management about the issue of smoking in advance. 

3. Do banquet halls have green rooms and washrooms? 

Yes, most banquet halls make available changing/green and washrooms for people to use. Therefore, you must check to see the quality of changing and washroom provided to you before hiring. 

5. Which are the Popular Banquet Halls near Navi Mumbai Mumbai?

Some of the Popular Banquet Halls near Navi Mumbai are as follows: 

  1. Combo Jumbo Vashi. 
  2. Combo Jumbo Seawoods.

b. MS Thakur Hall. 

c. Shagun Banquets. 

d. Royal Palm Banquet. 

e. Chandan Banquets. 


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